Adiphene Review (Discontinued)

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

We suggest visiting our best diet pills article for the latest product recommendations.

While trying to find the best weight loss solution for yourself, you might have came across several types of diet pills:

  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Fat Binders
  • Fat Burners
  • Fat Metabolisers
  • Stimulants

Unlike the majority of diet pills which only tackle one of the above properties, Adiphene is made with an unique formula which will provide you with all those effects and benefits in a single diet pill.

What is Adiphene and how does it work?

Adiphene is one of the most recent weight loss supplements in the market.

Made by the same manufacturer who produced the worldwide best-selling diet Phen375, this diet pill has an unique formula which allows you to fight your extra weight in every way possible at the same time.


What are Adiphene Ingredients?

Adiphene unique formula mixes together…

5 Stimulants

  • Bitter Orange – Increases the metabolic rate.
  • Chromium Picolinate – Stimulates hormone Insuline, which increases your fat metabolism and stops it from being stored.
  • Guarana Extract – Stimulates hormones that burn your stored fat.
  • Ginseng Panax Root Extract – Helps your body differentiating good cells from fat cells.
  • Cacao Extract – Stops fat from being digested.

2 Thermogenics

  • Cinnamon Extract – Burns abdominal fat.
  • Cayenne capsicum – Increases your body temperature, making it burn 270 extra calories a day.

1 Appetite Supressant

  • Glucomannan – Reduces your appetite in between meals.

1 Fat Binder

  • Chitosan Extract – Attracts fat cells to itself, stopping them from being absorbed into your body.

3 Fat Metabolisers

  • Vitamin B6 – Processes food more efficiently.
  • L-carnitine HCL – Turns existing fat into energy.
  • Ginger Root Extract – Improves digestion and detoxes your body.

Is Adiphene safe to use?

Adiphene is made from 100% natural ingredients, meaning it’s totally safe to use.

There have been no side effects nor complains reported after using it either, so you can be fully sure that it will simply do what you want it to – help you on getting a better looking and healthier body.

Benefits using Adiphene

With 12 fantastic ingredients (which I’ve detailed reviewed individually above) all mixed in together into one pill, Adiphene will:

  • Burn your existing fat
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Accelerate your metabolism
  • Stop new fat cells from being absorbed by your body

How to use Adiphene?

One month bottle contains 60 pills. For maximum benefit you should take one pill with water 20 min before your breakfast and a second pill 20 minutes before your lunch.

To get the most out of Adiphene I would suggest of buying the 3 months package as you would get 1 extra bottle for free since 3-4 month seem to be the usual time frame to achieve your weight loss goals.

Also take into into account that Adiphene will help you lose weight in the medium-long run and on a speed that won’t affect your body. This means that you won’t see neither drastic nor magical changes, but you will eventually see results.

Where I can buy Adiphene?

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

We suggest visiting our best diet pills article for the latest product recommendations.

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    • Hi Diane,

      It’s from the same manufacturer but it’s not the same as Phen375.

      However, it might actually be better a solution since it’s a more complete supplement (5 in 1 formula) in terms of ingredients.

      Just needs time to reach the same status as it’s older brother (Phen375). 🙂

  1. Hmm, didn’t like Adiphene that much…

    I was on Phen375 and had great results with but decided to try Adiphene once it came out since it was from the same manufacturer but didn’t get the same positive results so was a bit of a waste.

    Back to Phen375 it is! 🙂


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