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With most of the body building and nutrition supplement stores shipping pretty much worldwide through their official websites, it’s easy for you to get the best quality & price on whey protein, no matter where you are currently located.

Having that in mind, we have researched and analysed hundreds of stores and found the 5 Best Whey Protein Stores 2018, based on quality of products and price. Take a look at our top picks:

Rank Store Rating Info

1. MyProtein



Brand Description

MyProtein is the Europe’s #1 online sports nutrition brand.

It has over 1000 products in store, including a wide variety of whey protein options with different flavours and for different goals (Muscle & Strength, Energy & Endurance, Sports Performance, Diet & Weight Loss and Lean Muscle).


MyProtein offers worldwide shipping.

It has distribution centres across Europe and the US so you can expect fast deliveries as well.

Free Delivery

MyProtein offers free delivery on the following locations:

  • United Kingdom when you spend £50
  • United States when you spend $100
  • Europe when you spend €100

Voucher Codes & Discounts

MyProtein sends out discount newsletters fairly often, so make sure to keep an eye out on your inbox for great deals.

At the same time, MyProtein Voucher Codes are often made available and displayed in their front page. If there’s something available in a specific moment in time it will be displayed there, so don’t waste time looking for them somewhere else.

MyProtein Review

MyProtein currently stands unmatched in terms of product quality & service provided.

Their whey protein is of the highest possible quality and the price is amazing when compared to what you pay on other stores or on your local supermarket.

It is by far your best choice of store for whey protein.

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2. Pharmamuscle



Brand Description

Pharmamuscle offers sports supplements made from 100% pure and natural ingredients which are fully suitable for competing athletes.

All their products have been in development for over 2 years by their in-house scientists and sports nutritionists.


Pharmamuscle offers worldwide shipping.

However, it’s worth taking into account that orders from outside the UK might take some days to be delivered since they only have distribution centres in the UK.

Free Delivery

Pharmamuscle currently offers free delivery within the United Kingdom mainland for orders above £50.

Voucher Codes & Discounts

Pharmamuscle does not have any voucher codes available at the moment.

However, they tend to have discounted prices on some supplements, including their whey protein.

Pharmamuscle Review

Pharmamuscle is probably the biggest surprise on our top list.

This still “unknown” brand is fairly new and it’s still to make a name of itself. However, the quality of their products surprised us so much that we simply add to rank it ahead of some big names.

Their whey protein quality and service will surprise you. It’s definitively worth giving it a shot.

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3. The Vitamin Shoppe



Brand Description

The Vitamin Shoppe is a multi-store with over 25000 products.

Within their massive range you can find some of the cheapest prices on the most known proteins out there (Optimum Nutrition, BodyTech, …).


The Vitamin Shoppe offers worldwide shipping.

All non-US orders are shipped by UPS and take about 7-10 days to be delivered.

Free Delivery

The Vitamin Shoppe offers free delivery for any US orders above $25.

Voucher Codes & Discounts

The Vitamin Shoppe doesn’t have any voucher codes.

Although, it’s worth taking into account that every month there is a huge discount on certain product ranges and you can also find discounts on selected products every week.

The Vitamin Shoppe Review

Despite not being a body building and/or whey protein expert store, The Vitamin Shoppe offers the best price in the market for the usual top brands.

That, together with its customer service and delivery quality brings it to the 3rd place in our recommended list.

It’s worth remembering that the free shipping for US orders above $25 is also a unique offer that you won’t find anywhere else. This store will save you money on all usual whey protein brands.

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4. GNC

logo (1)


Brand Description

GNC is the world’s largest company dedicated to health supplements.

Their impressive range of products include the usual brands as well as GNC branded whey protein.


GNC offers worldwide shipping.

With distribution centres in every continent, you can usually expect to have your orders with you in less than a week.

Free Delivery

GNC does not offer free delivery.

All their orders a flat rate of $3.99 for delivery.

Voucher Codes & Discounts

Discounts are fairly common and you can usually see them on site at all times, but there are no voucher codes available.

GNC Review

GNC is fairly similar to The Vitamin Shoppe.

While they have all the big whey protein brands as well, their lack of free shipping and higher prices put it down.

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logo (2)


Brand Description has over 12000 supplements and all training guides you would expect from a website fully dedicated to the art of body building.

It has all the top whey protein brands as well as some exclusive ones.

Shipping offers worldwide shipping with the exception of very small list of countries.

You can expect your order to be delivered within a week time.

Free Delivery does not offer free shipping.

The cost varies depending on the country that the products are shipped to.

Voucher Codes & Discounts

There are no voucher codes available for purchases, but discounts are common.

They also offer a free gift on all orders above $75, €55 or £45 and you can get free training guides to follow while taking your supplements. Review

Just as the name indicates main focus and expertise is body toning.

Their product range is fully aimed for that purpose and so are their whey protein options.

However, the shipping cost and the slight worse customer service than other options has left it as our 5th recommended choice.

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  1. Tried both MyProtein & Pharmamuscle myself and they are both great. 🙂

    The only negative I have is that the prices on Pharmamuscle are perhaps a bit too high when compared to others (myprotein for example) but the quality is exceptional!

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