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6 Magnesium Rich Foods For Your Diet

6 magnesium rich foods for your diet

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals, which your organism needs to function under optimal conditions.  Low absorption of this mineral in your body can be due to different causes. For this reason, you should increase the magnesium intake in your diet.

Nowadays, magnesium can be purchased in the form of food supplement too. However, I would advise that your main source of magnesium comes from food, as it’s the perfect way to take the advantage of health benefits that this mineral provides.

Why it’s so crucial to ingest magnesium? What food does contain magnesium? Below I would like to share some detail of its main sources and functions.

Why It’s Important to Increase Magnesium Intake in Your Diet?

Good absorption of magnesium is essential to activate various key functions of your body. It is predicted that this mineral participates in around 300 biochemical reactions to maintain nervous system and muscle health.

Benefits of Increasing Magnesium intake in your diet

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain
  • Improves bone and dental health
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces stress and improves sleep quality
  • Balances the activity of the nervous system and the brain.
  • Regulates the activity of hormones
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Protects skin against allergies
  • Promotes control of diabetes
  • Calms inflammation and digestive pain.
  • Avoid recurring headaches.

What is the recommended daily amount of magnesium?

An adult woman may need about 260 mg per day, while men need 300 to 350 mg per day.

Magnesium rich foods for your Diet

Including some foods that are rich in magnesium to your diet is probably best way to get all the benefits provided by this mineral.

1.    green leafy vegetables Green leafy vegetables

Perfect way to increase magnesium intake with your diet are green leafy vegetables. Most of them has a significant amount of magnesium without adding too many calories. Let’s see the healthiest:

Quantity per 100 grams:

  • Spinach: up to 79 mg of magnesium.
  • Kale: 47 mg of magnesium.
  • Broccoli: 22 mg of magnesium.
  • Rocket: approximately 47 mg of magnesium.

2.    cocoa powderCocoa powder

A dose of 28 grams of cocoa can provide up to 64 mg of magnesium.  Moreover, cocoa rich in antioxidants, iron, and probiotic substances that can contribute to “feed” healthy gut bacteria.

3.     avocadosAvocados

Half an avocado contains up to 58 mg of magnesium and despite it’s high in calories, it also provides essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and other minerals essential for health.

4.   nuts  Nuts

Considered one of the healthiest snacks in the diet, walnuts and dry fruits are one of the major natural sources of magnesium. Their amount may be different in each fruit, but they are all very healthy.

Amount of magnesium per 100 grams:

  • Cashew nuts: 236 mg
  • Almonds: 258 mg
  • Hazelnuts: 236 mg
  • Walnuts: 159 mg

5.  seeds   Seeds

Seeds are great source of magnesium. Furthermore they are ideal for fighting food anxiety and improves digestion. They also provide omega 3, vitamin E, and antioxidant compounds.

Amount of magnesium per serving of 100 grams:

  • Pumpkin seeds: 535 mg
  • Flax seed: 392 mg
  • Sesame: 346 mg
  • Sunflower: 387 mg
  • Quinoa: 210 mg

6.     Oily fishoily fish

There are many diet plans, which contain oily fish, because they contain omega 3, amino acids, and significant amounts of magnesium and other minerals.

A salmon serving of 178 grams may contribute up to 53 mg of magnesium, i.e. 13% of the recommended daily amount. Moreover it can also be obtained from other varieties of fish such as sardines, tuna, or mackerel.

Do you feel weak, muscle weakness, or continual discomfort? You might need an extra dose of magnesium. Try to incorporate the above-mentioned foods into your regular diet.

Dukan Diet for Fast Weight Loss


The Dukan diet is a diet, which is divided into 4 phases and, according to its author, allows you to lose weight (around 5kg) already in the first week.

In the first phase, the diet is made only with proteins, and the duration of the diet depends on the amount of weight that you want to lose.

This diet was created by the French doctor Dr. Pierre Dukan and is fully explained in his book: ‘I can’t lose weight’. This is a good option for those who need to lose weight quickly. However, it is not a diet that changes eating habits. It is common to recover all the lost weight in a short time, unless you start another smaller restrictive diet to maintain the weight.

Check out the foods allowed, the forbidden ones and how each stage of the Dukan diet works.

Dukan Diet Step By Step

To know how many days each diet phase should last, Dr. Dukan suggests:

To lose 5kg: 1 day in the 1st phase;

For those who want to lose 6 to 10 kg: 3 days in the 1st phase;

To lose 11 to 20 kg: 7 days in the first phase.

The duration of the other phases varies according to the weight loss of the individual, and the only sweets that can be eaten during this diet are Dr. Dukan’s skimmed egg pudding and sugar-free light gelatine. Here’s the step-by-step Dukan diet.

1st Phase of the Dukan Diet – Attack Phase

In the first phase of the Dukan diet, it’s only allowed to eat foods high in protein. Carbohydrate sources and sweets are prohibited.

Foods permitted: Lean meats, grilled, roasted or cooked without added fat, boiled eggs, smoked turkey breast, natural or skimmed yogurt, skimmed milk, cottage cheese. You should always eat a spoon and a half of oat bran per day, as it satisfies the hunger, and 1 spoon of Goji berries, for its purifying power.

Forbidden foods: All carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, fruit and sweets.

This phase lasts from 3 to 7 days and enables you to lose from 3 to 5 kg.

Example of menu for the Attack Phase

In the attack phase, the food is based only on foods high in protein. Thus, the menu can be:

Breakfast: 1 glass of skim milk or non-fat yogurt + 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran +cottage cheese and ham or 1 egg with cottage cheese. You can add coffee to milk, but not sugar.

Morning snack: 1 natural non-fat yogurt or cottage cheese + 2 slices of ham.

Lunch / Dinner: 250g of red meat or 3 grilled chicken steaks with ham or shrimp  topping.

Afternoon snack: 1 skim yogurt or 1 cup of skim milk + 1 tablespoon of Goji berries + 1 boiled egg or 2 slices of tofu + 3 slices of ham or 1 soy hamburger + cottage cheese.

It is important to remember that you are allowed to eat maximum 2 eggs per day.

2nd phase of the Dukan Diet – Cruise Phase

The second phase of the diet Dukan introduces some vegetables, but you still not allowed to eat carbohydrates. Vegetables should be eaten raw or boiled in water and salt. The seasonings used should be olive oil, lemon, herbs like parsley and rosemary or balsamic vinegar.

Food allowed: Tomato, cucumber, radish, lettuce, mushroom, celery, chard, eggplant and zucchini.

Forbidden foods: Foods rich in carbohydrates, sweets and fruits.

In this second phase, 1 day you should eat only protein. Another day protein, vegetables. You should repeat this until you will complete 7 days. On the days that you eat only protein, you should also eat 1 tablespoon of Goji berries and, on other days, 2 tablespoons.

Example of menu for the Cruise Phase

You should follow the menu of the attack phase for protein days. The following menu provides examples of meals for the days when you eat protein and vegetables:

Breakfast: 1 cup of skim milk or non-fat yogurt + 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran + cottage cheese with tomato or omelette of egg and tomato.

Morning snack: cottage cheese + 2 slices of ham.

Lunch / Dinner: 250g of meat in tomato sauce with cucumber salad, lettuce and eggplant or 2 salmon slices in mushroom sauce + tomato salad, zucchini and chard.

Afternoon snack: 1 skim yogurt + 1 tablespoon of Goji berries + cottage cheese or 1 boiled egg

3rd phase of the Dukan diet – Consolidation Phase

In the third phase of the Dukan diet, in addition to meat and vegetables, you can also eat 2 servings of fruit a day, 2 slices of whole-grain bread and one 40-g portion of any type of cheese.

At this stage, it’s also allowed to eat 1 serving of carbohydrate twice a week, such as brown rice, whole wheat noodles or beans. Also, you can have 2 complete free meals where you can eat any food that has already been allowed in the diet together with a glass of wine or beer.

Foods allowed: Protein, vegetables, vegetables, 2 fruits per day, brown bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, beans and cheese.

Forbidden foods: White rice, white noodles and all other sources of carbohydrates. Forbidden fruits: banana, grape and cherry.

This phase should last 10 days for every 1 kg that the individual wants to lose. That means, if you want to lose extra more 10 kg, this phase should last 100 days.

Sample menu for the Consolidation Phase

In the consolidation phase, the food becomes less restricted. You allowed to eat brown bread daily. Thus, the menu can be:

Breakfast: 1 glass of skim milk or non-fat yogurt + 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran + 1 slice of whole wheat bread with cheese, tomato and lettuce.

Morning snack: 1 apple + 1 slice of cheese and ham.

Lunch / Dinner: 130 g of chicken breast with tomato sauce + brown rice + raw vegetable salad or 1 can of tuna with pasta noodles with pesto sauce + raw vegetable salad + 1 orange.

Afternoon snack: 1 natural skim yogurt + 1 tablespoon Goji + 1 slice of whole wheat bread with cheese.

4th phase of the Dukan diet – Stabilization Phase

In the 4th phase of the Dukan diet, the recommendations are: to do once a week the diet of the protein similar to the 1st phase, to do 20 minutes of physical exercise per day, and to ingest 3 spoons of oat bran per day.

Foods Allowed: All types of food are allowed, but whole grain foods should be preferred and 3 servings of fruit per day are required.

Forbidden foods: Nothing is forbidden, you can have a normal diet.

You need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to ensure proper bowel function and also to get rid of toxins. Other liquids allowed are: tea, coffee without sugar or sweetener.

Example of menu for the Stabilization Phase

In the stabilization phase, you can have a normal diet, such as:

Breakfast: 1 glass of skim milk or non-fat yogurt + 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran + 2 slices of whole wheat bread with light cheese.

Morning snack: 1 pear + 4 crackers and 3 nuts + 1 slice of watermelon.

Lunch / Dinner: 120 g beef + 4 tablespoons of rice + 2 tablespoons of beans + raw salad + 1 orange

Afternoon snack: 1 skimmed yoghurt + 1.5 tablespoons oat bran + 4 whole-grain toast with ricotta.

It is important to remember that the Dukan diet is restrictive and can cause discomfort, dizziness and weakness.

Eco Slim Review: Natural Slimming Drops


What is Eco Slim?

Eco Slim is a 100% natural product, made from herbal and fruit extracts, in the form of a liquid. It is recommended to anyone who wants to lose weight, improve digestion, regulate appetite or to achieve all these goals together.

It can be used by men and women and should be accompanied by a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Being liquid, it can be ingested in drops or simply mixed in a glass of water.

The Advantage Of A Liquid Product

Not everyone likes or wants to take supplements in the form of solid tablets, which are always more difficult to ingest.

Liquid supplements, besides being easier to ingest, also have advantages in terms of entering the bloodstream. It represents a lower effort by the body in terms of processing, particularly in relation to powders, gel capsules and other formats.

Facilitate the metabolism of the digestive system is precisely one of the principles and objectives of the Eco Slim.

How does Eco Slim work?

The Eco Slim consists of a set of ingredients, all natural, that acts on the digestive system to help to maintain the correct weight.

The Eco Slim formula has been designed by experts to maximize its range and also to reduce the level of side effects to zero.

Produced from the extraction of natural herbal components, Eco Slim allows organs of the digestive system to function more easily and with less effort.

Why should the body work with less effort?

Contrary to what is commonly thought, the body works best when it exerts less effort, as it expands less energy and wears less. Normally you dont think of this way because you make an analogy with the muscles, which must be worked to develop, and with the brain, which must be exercised to stay active.

On the contrary, if the digestive system has to absorb unhealthy foods, it does so more difficult. The same goes for the heart: if you have to pump thick blood, with high levels of fats, you do it but with difficulty. Eco Slim makes your body’s task easier.



Centaurium erythraea
Fucus Vesiculus

The satiety effect provided by well-known ginger is an important element of Eco Slim. The feeling of not wanting to eat more is important so that you can control your weight.


Malabar Tamarin

You may have heard of this tropical fruit whose scientific name is “Garcinia Cambogia”. It is a fruit from Southeast Asia. It has been used by the people of this region for centuries as the ideal food for long trips.


Curcuma is recommended by its preponderant active compound, curcumin. Its positive effects in terms of microcirculation stimulation, and others, have been reported in studies published by the US National Library of Medicine. It is also known as Indian saffron.


It is a plant known for centuries, used by traditional Chinese medicine and disseminated in the West by the Arabs. The liquorice flavonoids are linked to the low-density lipoprotein oxidation.

Centaurium erythraea

Cucumber-Minor, as it is also known, aids digestion and helps regulate blood glucose levels.


With the scientific name of “Galium aparine”, mint love is a plant traditionally used as a diuretic. Consumed in a similar way to coffee, by harvesting its fruit, which can also be dried and roasted.


Guarana has little to do with the carbonated refrigerant that is found in supermarkets. It is a plant rich in caffeine. Moreover helps in the metabolism of fats, being part of the diet of the indigenous peoples of South America for millennia. The plant originates from the Amazon and its scientific name is “Paullinia Cupana”.


Plant traditionally consumed for its diuretic and digestive support.


Capsaicin, an alkaloid found in cayenne pepper, protects the heart. Moreover it has anti-inflammatory and protective effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Fucus Vesiculus

The algae fucus is already a regular element in the lists of elements of a healthy diet, being a source rich in iodine.

Benefits of Taking Eco Slim

The benefits are immense.

In a direct way, you feel the benefits in terms of an improvement in both digestion and appetite, as Eco Slim contributes to the regulation of the functions of the digestive system.

At the same time, you feel your energy levels and willingness to rise rapidly,  as a result you are regaining that natural desire to do things.

Indirectly, the improved functioning of the body will help the metabolism.. This, along with the feeling of satiety you will feel, will reflect on your weight.

Secondary effects

Eco Slim has no side effects, provided it is taken at the recommended dosage.

The balance achieved with the formula developed by the experts. Together with the fact that the product is obtained from 100% natural elements, this allows those who take it to do it with the utmost confidence.

Impreskin Review – Anti-Aging Collagen


Are you already aware of the first signs of ageing? Tired face, wrinkles around the eyes and forehead? These are signs and unfortunately, as we getting older our skin is not immune to these effects. Time-lapse, stress, life on the run, bad nutrition – every factor contributes to the deterioration of the skin condition.

Impreskin can become a remedy for all this evil! Young and healthy appearance without chemicals and treatments is possible! The supplement increases the production of collagen, which is responsible for shortening wrinkles and skin tightness. This will allow your skin to regain its radiance, firmness and youthful appearance. It’s a natural facelift that will eliminate wrinkles and will help to preserve youth as long as possible.

What is Impreskin?

Imperskin - Anti-aging collagen Pill Review

Impreskin is the anti-aging collagen pill, which eliminates the signs of aging without treatment, acting like natural botox.

This may seem strange, but thanks to a unique composition, tested in the laboratory, this supplement allows to stop the aging process of the skin acting like a facelift – only that it is natural and does not need any visits to the aesthetic medicine offices.

Impreskin was created after carrying out a mass of clinical tests, during which it was checked how this complex process of skin aging proceeds, as a result of which your skin loses elasticity. It has been found that you should start helping your skin from inside.

This supplement combats signs of skin aging such as: bags under the eyes, sagging skin, mimic wrinkles, skin loss of elasticity and glare, or the appearance of swelling of the face and thus restores a young, radiant look.

Research shows that Impreskin is currently the most effective way to fight signs of skin aging!

Who Impreskin is Suitable For?

Impreskin are pills for mimic wrinkles and skin irregularities resulting from age or abnormal lifestyle. The supplement is addressed to all people who want to get rid of wrinkles or even reduce them.

These pills are the excellent solution for anyone who considers surgery as too intrusive interference in the body.  Impreskin works naturally and are completely safe. You can use them in the comfort of your home – discreetly and without the need to expose yourself to unnecessary costs or long convalescence.

Clinical consumer tests carried out on a group of over 300 women have shown that already 3 months of using the supplement improves the condition of the skin. Almost 95% of the surveyed women noticed a clear elimination of wrinkles and the withdrawal of skin aging.

Benefits of Impreskin

1 # Increases collagen production

The increased amount of collagen production prevents the formation of new wrinkles. This is why the product is so valued among users – because in addition to helping to undo existing skin irregularities, it also blocks the appearance of new ones.

2 # Smoothes wrinkles

Regular use of Impreskin improves skin firmness and reduces wrinkles. Thanks to this, you can achieve the effect of smooth skin without costly and risky plastic surgery.

3 # Regenerates and moisturises deep skin layers

The nutrients of the supplement moisturize the connective tissue under the skin. As a result, the skin becomes soft and smooth, and the face looks rested.

4 # Accelerates skin regeneration

A proven antioxidant reaches the heart of the problem – it combats free radicals and helps to renew the epidermis much faster and restore a healthy balance.

Impreskin Ingredients

  • D-alpha-tocopherol – derived from vitamin E. Its task is to improve the elasticity of the skin, as well as accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis. The substance also contributes to the increase of collagen production.
  • Nettle extract – contains vitamin K, flavonoids, tannins and iron. The active substances contained in the extract increase skin’s elasticity and directly affect the nutrition of the subcutaneous tissue.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen – accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and significantly improves the quality of the skin.
  • L-ascorbic acid – an antioxidant preparation, eliminates free radicals and increases the stability of connective tissue.

How To Use Impreskin?

For best result, take 2 tablets a day for 30-90 days. Removal of wrinkles, though possible and real, is however a gradual and time-consuming process. Therefore, 3 months of using tablets seems to be a reasonable duration of this type of treatment. One bottle contains 60 capsules, which are enough for 30 days.

The first few weeks of this supplement will help you to notice the first results. The skin will become visibly rejuvenated and definitely firmer. Then you will be able to see how Impreskin eliminates the signs of aging allowing you to look again and feel good and attractive.

Does Impreskin Has Any Side Effects?

The clinical formula of Impreskin does not cause any side effects – only positive effects. Your skin, thanks to regular use, will significantly rejuvenate, regenerate faster and regain its younger appearance, thanks to which the wrinkles will visibly become shallow and at the same time the skin will be moisturized.

Customers Reviews

customer review 1 imperskin
customer review 3 Imperskin
customer review 4 imperskin

Where Can I Buy Impreskin?

You can buy this supplement from manufacturer’s website. It offers a free shipment which should reach you within a few business days. The price of the product depends on the size of the package – the larger the package, the higher the savings.

Low Carb Diet – 7 Days Meal Plan


Following a low carb diet can help you to lose weight more easily. Among other things, it benefits metabolic health and promotes control of a high blood sugar levels.

Adopting a low carb diet is one of the current trends for losing weight in a healthy way. It consists of minimizing foods that contain this nutrient, while opting for sources with minimal contribution, such as fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, to compensate for this reduction, it is proposed to increase the intake of unsaturated or “good” proteins and fats. Due to their high energy value, these stimulate the functions of metabolism to optimize fat burning.

What stands out in comparison to other diets is that it gives a very complete dietary plan because it only lowers carbohydrates and does not eliminate them completely. What are this diet advantages? How to plan the menu?

Here you can find some of its benefits and simple guidelines that are put into practice. But first, remember that this low carb diet meal plans that are suggested should only be used for 7 days, after this period you should follow a balanced diet.

What Are The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet?DIET

A low carb diet proposes to limit the consumption of foods like rice, pasta and bread in order to lose weight more easily. It is not a restrictive plan as it includes some sources of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids.

Carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients that form the basis of the nutritional pyramid. However, when it comes to losing weight, you need to limit your intake and choose the foods that provide them in minimal amounts.

Following a diet with low carb intake also produces other benefits in the body. In fact, it is suggested as a support to reduce cardiovascular risk that often arises due to obesity. Below are other benefits:

  • Helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety about food.
  • Stabilizes the release of gastric acids.
  • Improves liver function.
  • Helps to control high blood sugar.
  • Reduces the accumulation of fat and stimulates the formation of muscle mass.

Low Carb Diet: Food Allowed And ForbiddenFOOD HIGH IN CARBOHYDRATES

To apply the low carb diet model, it is important to learn to identify which foods are recommended and which foods should be limited. From this, the body will know other sources of energy and, in addition, the menus will be quite varied.

Foods allowed

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetables and oilseeds
  • Lean meats (beef, chicken and fish)
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Healthy seeds (chia, flaxseed, sesame, etc.)
  • Condiments and fresh herbs
  • Avocado and avocado oil
  • Coffee and sugar-free teas

Forbidden foods

  • Sweets and industrialized bakery products
  • Refined sugar
  • Whole milk and flavoured dairy products
  • Fruit in syrup
  • Chocolate and Derivatives
  • Sweet desserts
  • Potatoes and rice
  • Soft drinks and sugary drinks
  • Pasta and whole grains
  • Corn and By-products

7 Days Menu For A Low Carb Diet7 days diet plan

The purpose of this 7 days low carb diet is to achieve a reduction in body fat. Through this, you will take an advantage of other macronutrients, such as proteins and fats, that will become the main source of energy. However, it is advisable to moderate the overall calories intake, since excess of calories will prevent you from obtaining good results.


  • Breakfast: a glass of skim milk, a cup of chopped strawberries and two boiled eggs.
  • Lunch: portion of chicken or fish, tomato sliced ​​with olive oil and portion of vegetables.
  • Dinner: green salad with pieces of turkey breast or ham and tea without sugar.


  • Breakfast: a sliced ​​grapefruit, a slice of brown bread with peanut butter and coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: portion of grilled steak, mixed salad with tomato, green apple and iced tea.
  • Dinner: portion of tuna with cress salad and tea without sugar.


  • Breakfast: omelette of an egg with red peppers and onions, one slice of toast and black coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: portion of roasted chicken breast, lettuce and tomato salad, one kiwi and tea without sugar.
  • Dinner: spinach and green pepper salad with chunks of cheese and turkey breast.


  • Breakfast: strawberry and cranberry jam with coconut milk and one slice of whole grain bread with fresh cheese.
  • Lunch: portion of fish with herbs, cherry tomatoes and avocado.
  • Dinner: Serving of grilled hamburger, green salad and tea without sugar.


  • Breakfast: half a bowl of blackberries, low-fat yogurt and walnuts.
  • Lunch: Portion of pork and lettuce, tomato and onion salad.
  • Dinner: tuna salad, one slice of brown bread and one tangerine. Tea without sugar.


  • Breakfast: one boiled egg, skim milk and a cup of strawberries or blueberries.
  • Lunch: mixed salad with vegetables and nuts, a serving of fish and iced tea.
  • Dinner: two slices of turkey breast, cucumber dish with lemon and tea without sugar.


  • Breakfast: glass of yogurt with almonds and a half cup of blackberries.
  • Lunch: portion of salmon, lettuce and cucumber salad, avocado and iced tea.
  • Dinner: mixed salad with pieces of turkey, half grapefruit and tea without sugar


Handful of nuts

Tea without sugar

Low fat natural yogurt

Fruit salad

Vegetable milk

Note: this menu is just a template for a low carb diet. Therefore, they can be varied by incorporating other permitted foods. Also, if your goal is to lose weight, it’s best to supplement your meals with a workout routine.

In conclusion

A low carb diet is a simple nutrition model that can bring many benefits. Despite this, it is not advisable to prolong it for a long time, since this macronutrient is one of the main sources of energy of the organism.

Foods That Cause Gas


Foods that cause gas such as beans and cabbage have a high amount of fiber and carbohydrates, that ferment a lot during digestion and therefore have a greater tendency to cause gases, especially stinky ones. However, intestinal intolerance to these foods is very personal, so not all people can have gas when eating the same meal.

Foods rich in fats and proteins, such as meat and nuts, are not fermented in the intestine and therefore produce less gas.

List of Foods That Cause Gas

The main foods that can cause gas include:

  • Legumes: peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans;
  • Green vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage;
  • Foods rich in fructose: artichokes, onions, pears, wheat and soft drinks;
  • Lactose, natural milk sugar;
  • Foods rich in starch: corn, pasta and potatoes;
  • Foods rich in soluble fibre: oat bran and fruits;
  • Whole grains: brown rice, oatmeal and whole wheat flour;
  • Sorbitol and xylitol, which are natural sweeteners;

When you eat these foods, you may experience symptoms such as swollen belly, abdominal pain and flatulence. Foods that cause gas in the baby are the same as those listed above. When babies are being breastfed, it is often enough for the mother to decrease her intake of these foods to help reduce the gas in her children.

How to Eliminate Gases Naturally?

To help eliminate the gas naturally avoid drinking liquids during meals, to speed up digestion. Eat one natural yogurt a day to improve the intestinal flora. Moreover, eat pineapple or papaya as these are fruits that promote digestion.

In addition, teas like fennel, gentian and cardamom also helps to reduce the production of gases, relieving the sensation of intestinal swelling.

Best Home Remedies for Gas

The excellent home remedy for eliminating intestinal gas is to take a freshly prepared herbal tea such as fennel tea, gentian, avocado leaves or cardamom.

These teas have anti-spasmodic properties to facilitate the passage of faeces through the intestine, relieving pain and naturally reducing gas production. Here’s how to prepare each.

Fennel teaFennel tea

A great home remedy for gas, without contraindications, is fennel tea because it has anti-spasmodic property and is very effective against colic caused by minor gastrointestinal spasms, especially flatulence.


1 teaspoon of fennel

1 cup boiling water

Method of preparation

Add the fennel to the cup of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Drink several times a day, without added sugar because the sugar flavors the formation of the gas.

Gentian teaGential tea

An excellent home remedy against intestinal and stomach gases. Gentian is a medicinal plant used for many years to combat digestive problems. Its effectiveness is proven scientifically due to its regulating action of peristaltic movements and stimulation in the production of gastric juice.


1g of dry gentian roots

200 ml of water.

Method of preparation

The tea is made through the infusion, where the water should be first boiled and only then the gentian leaves added. Tea should be infused for 10 minutes as this is the time required to obtain an effective dose of active substances. Drink a cup of gentian tea several times a day, preferably before meals.

Tea of avocado leavesavocado leaves tea

An excellent homemade solution against gases is the tea of the avocado leaf. Tea with the avocado leaf is diuretic and calms the gastrointestinal system. In addition to eliminating the gases, it helps in the treatment of bronchitis, diarrhoea and elimination of kidney stones.


50g of dried avocado leaves

1L of water

Method of preparation

Boil avocado leaves for 5 minutes. Place them in a container, cover and leave for 10 minutes. To decrease gas drink one cup of tea each hour.

Cardamom teacardamom tea

Cardamom tea relieves symptoms such as malaise, fatigue and bloating of the abdomen.


2 g of the cardamom seeds

1 cup boiling water

Method of preparation

Place the cardamom in boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes, strain and drink after meals. Drink this tea with care as high dosages may cause vomiting.

Stress and weight gain – Understand why anxiety can lead to weight gain


Stress and weight gain are closely related. Anxiety can lead to weight gain because it causes changes in hormones production. More over lowers the motivation to have a healthy lifestyle and causes binge eating disorder. This happens when the individual ends up eating large quantities of food in an attempt to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

It is important to identify the presence of anxiety in order to be able to start treatment and allow weight loss. Here are the top 3 changes that anxiety causes in the body and what to do to treat it.

Anxiety Causes Hormonal Changes

Anxiety causes an increase in the production of the hormone cortisol. This has the effect of stimulating the production of fat in the body.

This is because, in stress situations, the body tends to produce more energy reserves in the form of fat so that the body has a good caloric reserve that is used in cases of food crisis or times of struggle.

What to do:

To reduce anxiety, you can use simple strategies such as daily walking outdoors and doing relaxation activities. Such as practicing yoga and meditation. Having a good night’s sleep and practicing physical activity regularly also help to relieve stress and reduce the excess production of cortisol.

However, it is important to remember that in some cases of anxiety, medical and psychological monitoring might be needed for your treatment and may also require the use of medications.

Anxiety Causes Binge Eating

Anxiety causes moments of binge eating. Which means increased consumption especially of sweets, bread, pasta and other foods sources of carbohydrates and sugar. This naturally causes a great increase in the consumption of calories, leading to the weight gain and difficulty to lose weight.

These moments of binge eating happen because sweet or carbohydrate foods stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that creates a sense of well-being in the body, momentarily relieving obesity.

What to do:

To control binge eating, you should have a balanced diet and eat every 3 or 4 hours. This reduces hunger and helps to decrease the urge to eat.

Anxiety Lowers Motivation

Anxiety also lowers motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle, causing you to not have the courage to engage in physical activity and eat well. This happens mainly due to excess of cortisol, which also makes you feel  tired and not in the mood.

What to do:

To have more motivation, you can practice physical activity outdoors or with a friend to have company. Don’t forget to ask friends and family members to try it also to have a healthy routine for encouragement.

Regularly consuming foods rich in omega-3s such as sardines, salmon, tuna and nuts, and tryptophan-rich foods such as banana, oats and brown rice also helps to improve mood and keeps motivation high. Establishing real weight loss goals along with the dietitian also helps you maintain a healthy pace of weight loss.  Also reduces your personal weight loss costs quickly.

How to Increase Metabolism to Lose Weight Faster


Accelerating metabolism means changing the way your body spends the calories of food eaten. With the metabolism accelerated, the body starts to consume more energy (calories) in the daily tasks, like walking, running, exercising, etc.

The increase in caloric expenditure necessarily leads to weight loss, hence there is the need to maintain the metabolism accelerated during the slimming phase. Several nutritionists say there is a link between slow metabolism and difficulty in losing weight.

Many people find it difficult to lose weight, even following a low-calorie diet. This situation may be related to slow metabolism or other health problems, such as hypothyroidism.

Causes of Slow Metabolism

There are several factors that determine the rate of metabolism: food, gender, age, amount of exercise, weight and others.

With regard to gender, for example, male metabolism is faster than female, so men have a greater ability to burn calories and lose weight.

Regarding the age factor, over the years, your body is losing some capacities and the metabolism is slowing down, it is a natural process.

Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, high percentage of fat mass and unhealthy diet are also factors that affects metabolism rate.

How to Increase Metabolism to Lose Weight faster?

Endocrinologists argue that in most cases it is possible to combat slow metabolism by simply adopting some healthy habits

Here are the healthy habits that will help to increase metabolism:

1. Have breakfast

Never leave home without having breakfast. This is because eating breakfast helps your body to start and maintain the pace of metabolism throughout the day.

2. Eat smaller amounts and more frequent during the day

Replace the usual 3 large daily meals for 5 or 6 smaller ones. Eat every 3 hours and try to have meals at the same time each day. In addition to speeding up your metabolism and losing weight more quickly, you won’t feel that hungry feeling throughout the day.

3. Do not skip meals

One of the biggest myths in weight loss is that skipping meals allows you to lose weight faster. This is absolutely wrong. Aside from running the risk of overeating with the next meal, the truth is that non-compliance slows down metabolism.

4. Increase muscle mass

The more muscle you have, the faster your body will burn calories and undesirable fats. People with a lot of muscle mass have the fastest organism and can lose fat and weight with greater ease. Therefore, do exercises that stimulate muscles and increases strength and endurance.

5. Keep the body active

The more you move, the more active your metabolism will be, the more calories and fats will be burned. Do aerobic exercises, walking, jogging, dancing or moving as simple as climbing stairs while talking on the phone or stretching after a few hours at the computer. Most important thing is not to let the sedentary lifestyle take over your body.

6. Eat Spicy Food

Spicy or very spicy food increase your metabolism by about 50% for at least 3 hours after a meal.

7. Drink plenty of water

Don’t underestimate the importance of water. By eliminating the toxins produced by the body when it burns fat, water ensures that the body works at 100%, including the level of metabolism.

8. Eat energy and thermogenic foods

To speed up the metabolism you should include in your diet the following foods: ginger, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, lentils, beans, nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, plain yogurts, eggs, citrus fruits, apples, whole grains, salmon, lean meat and poultry, green tea, coffee and black chocolate. Plan all meals in advance and include these and other healthy foods, avoiding falling into temptation to skip the meals.

9. Improve your sleep

Did you know that a good night’s sleep works wonders to your body? If you don’t sleep well or sleep a little, you will not wake up with the energy you need for one more day, your body muscles will not be 100% and your metabolic system will resent immediately. It loses lean mass and accumulates fat mass.

10. Consume food supplements

There are a wide range of thermogenic food supplements on the market, made up of natural stimulants, which accelerate metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Athletes and people linked to bodybuilding and fitness, consume thermogenic supplements during the “drying phase and muscle definition,” as they allow you to lose weight and burn fat faster.

Read more about food supplement that helps to speed up your metabolism and boost up the thermogenesis here: PhenQ Review – Weight Loss Pills With The Power Of Multiple Weight Loss Supplements

Now that you know how to increase metabolism to lose weight faster, do not waste time and put our tips into practice!

Gelatin is Good for Weight Loss and Helps to Avoid Wrinkles


The health benefits of gelatin involve strengthening the nails and hair, giving them greater strength, thickness, growth and shine. Gelatin is also an excellent source of hydration, because of its high-water content, which maintains firmness of the skin and hair and also helps to fight against constipation.

In addition, gelatin is a dessert of animal origin rich in collagen, which is the element responsible for the maintenance of the bones, for the reconstruction and regeneration of the joints. Moreover, it slows down the process of aging itself and natural sagging, thus avoiding the wrinkles, cellulite and expression marks.

Gelatin makes you fat?

Gelatin is not fattening, because despite having sugar, it also has plenty of water, which makes this food a very good complement to any diet. Anyone who wants can opt for diet or light gelatin, as there is no sugar.

Gelatin has no fat and is a sweet alternative that can be consumed in the diet version, being part of a diet for weight loss or just for skin rejuvenation, because of collagen.

Adding apple, strawberry, peach or pineapple pieces in hot water, before making gelatin, is a way to make gelatin even more nutritious.

Agar-agar Powder

As the gelatin commercially found in the supermarket contain a large amount of dyes, it is recommended to exchange it with the agar- agar powder which is equally beneficial. However, powder is not a source of animal collagen, it is a gelatin of vegetable origin. Agar-agar powder is made from seaweed, and can also be consumed by vegetarians.

Agar-agar is rich in fibre, helping to regulate the intestine and increasing the feeling of satiety. It also yields more than ordinary jelly and does not alter the taste of food when used in recipes such as cakes and desserts.

Nutritional information

See the following table for the difference in nutritional composition for 100 g of the two types of gelatin.

ComponentsAnimal GelatinVegetable Gelatin
Energy380 kcal191 kcal
Carbohydrate89.2 g10 g
Protein8.9 g 2 g
Fat-0.3 g
Fibers- 70 g
Calcium27 mg -
Sodium235 mg 125 mg
Vitamin C40 mg 600 mg

In addition, the vegetable gelatin does not become liquid at room temperature and can be kept out of the fridge.

Gummy Candy RecipeGummy Candy Recipe

This recipe is very simple to make and is very healthy. Moreover it is also suitable for babies over 1 year old.


1 package of unflavoured, colourless Gelatin

2 packets of plain Gelatin

200 ml of water

Method of preparation

Mix the ingredients in a pan and simmer, stirring constantly for about 5 minutes. When it is very even, turn off the heat and put the liquid in silicone moulds. Refrigerate for about 2 hours. When the gelatin has a firm consistency, unmould it.

You can buy jelly moulds in home supply stores or online and there are several shapes and sizes.

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How To Lose Belly Fat


Check out these tips how to lose belly fat, weight and stay fit just in a week.

Tips of how to lose belly fat

  • Eat raw, high fiber food to improve bowel function and digestion;
  • Avoid drinks with gas, they are very sugary and increases abdominal volume;
  • Under any circumstances do not eat fried foods. These are high in fat and calories. You can eat same foods just with another type of preparation;
  • Avoid consuming ready-made spices or industrialized frozen foods, as they have more salt and promotes water retention, which increases the sensation of swelling;
  • Always start meals with a shallow dish of salad. This serves to “lick” the stomach and control the feeling of hunger. Moreover, eating a pear 20 minutes before lunch and dinner is also a good trick to decrease appetite.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. In addition to helping to reduce the belly, it also improves circulation, well-being and self-confidence;
  • Increase your body metabolism with consumption of red pepper, green tea, ginger and ice water. These foods are thermogenic and helps the body to lose calories even at a standstill. Five glasses of water a day and you can lose 200 kcal without any effort;
  • Maintain a good posture as it helps to reduce the rounded shape of the belly;
  • Cook 6 meals a day and eat slowly. This gives the brain time to understand that there is food already in the stomach;
  • Drink plenty of water, preferably away from mealtime. In addition to cleaning the body, it also hydrates the intestine, regulating the intestinal function;
  • Avoid sweets, desserts, and instead choose citrus fruits or even jelly, which also helps to fight sagging;
  • Eliminate all sources of added fats, such as margarine, poultry skins or meat fat;
  • Do not eat more than one carbohydrate source food per meal. For example, if you eat potatoes, you do not need to eat rice or noodles, you do not have to eat bread with the same meal.
  • Read package labels before you buy and be aware if the information refers to the whole package or only one portion.
  • Follow these tips for at least 10 days and let your body get used to these changes. The results will appear in a short time.#

How to lose belly fat weekly program

This complete program of how to lose belly fat in a week is an effective combination of hypo-caloric diet and abdominal exercises, which can be done at home, and is aimed at beginners who want to lose weight and start a physical activity.

This program can be repeated 2 times in a row for healthy individuals. In case of diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure or heart problems it is important to get medical advice before starting any dietary restriction or physical exercise plan.


Tip of the day: Drink 1.5 L of green tea without sugar.

Breakfast Lunch Snacks (Morning/
1 cup of natural yogurt with 1 tablespoon of low sugar granola and 1 apple with peel.1 Grilled chicken steak with 1 tablespoon brown rice, lettuce and tomato salad, sprinkled with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds. Dessert: 1 orange with pith.1 glass of soy drink or skimmed milk with 1/2 papaya, without sugar.1 plate of vegetables cooked in water and salt (carrot, green beans and Chayote), sprinkled with olive oil, with 1 can of tuna in water.

Exercise of the day: Walk 30 minutes, can be on the street or on the treadmill, then do 3 sets of 20 sit-ups, as shown in the following image, resting between 10 and 30 seconds between each series.

sits ups


Tip of the day: Drink 1.5 L of unsweetened artichoke tea.

BreakfastLunchSnacks (Morning/Afternoon)Dinner
Porridge with 1 banana and chia seeds.1 grilled fish fillet with 3 tablespoons of broccoli and 3 tablespoons of boiled carrot, sprinkled with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds. Dessert: 1 pear.1 cup of carrot and orange juice and 1 tablespoon of wheat germ, with two whole-grain toasts and 1 slice of white cheese.1 plate of creamy vegetable soup, seasoned with salt, onion, garlic and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.

Exercise of the day: Walk 40 minutes and increase the pace after the first 10 minutes, then slowdown in the last 10 minutes. Next, do 3 sets of the front plank, for as long as you can.

font plank


Tip of the day: Drink 1,5 L passion fruit juice without sugar.

BreakfastLunchSnacks (Morning/Afternoon)Dinner
1 cup of coffee with milk and 1 wholemeal toast with a slice of white cheese.1 chicken thigh grilled or cooked, with lettuce and rocket salad and 1 tablespoon of rice, sprinkled with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds. Dessert: 1 mandarin orangeA serving of light granola with 1 cup of unsweetened orange juice.1 plate of lettuce salad, cucumber, tomato, egg cooked with small pieces of pineapple.

Exercise of the day: Walk 1 hour at a fast pace to increase the calorie burn. Then do the bicycle crunch exercise for 1 minute and repeat 3 times in total. Rest 10 to 30 seconds in between.

the bicycle crunch exercise


Tip of the Day: Drink 1.5 L of green unsweetened tea with ginger or ginger tea.

BreakfastLunchSnacks (Morning/Afternoon)Dinner
1/2 avocado and skimmed milk (oat milk) smoothie.1 serving of cooked fish with potatoes and kale, sprinkled with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds.
Dessert: 1 slice of watermelon.
1 glass of strawberry jelly and 1 cup of plain yogurt with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds.Creamy carrot soup seasoned with salt, onion, garlic and an extra virgin olive oil.

Exercise of the day: Walk quick for 2 minutes and then run for another 2 minutes, then walk again for 2 minutes and run for 2 min and so on. Repeat for 30 minutes. When done, do 3 sets of sit-ups. Each set 1 minute.

sits ups


Tip of the day: Drink 1.5 L of unsweetened fennel tea.

BreakfastLunchSnacks (Morning/Afternoon)Dinner
1 glass of orange/pineapple juice and 1 wholemeal toast with butter.Quinoa with boiled carrots and 1 chicken/lean beef steak. Dessert: 1 orange with pith.1 glass of smoothie made with apple and strawberry liquid yogurt.Chicken soup.

Exercise for the day: Run for 30 minutes. After you finish do front plank exercise and hold as long as you can, rest 30 seconds, and repeat for as many times as you can.

font plank


Tip of the day: Drink 1.5 L of water with lemon without sugar.

BreakfastLunchSnacks (Morning/Afternoon)Dinner
Liquid yogurt with wholegrain cereals and 1 small bowl of fruit salad.1 plate of lettuce salad with rocket, cheese and crouton, seasoned with vinegar, sprinkled with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds.
Dessert: 1 slice of melon.
Smoothie with almond/skimmed milk and 6 strawberries. 2 wholemeal toast.Garlic soup with few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

Take a walk alternating between 2 minutes of running, with 2 minutes of walking for 30 min, and in the last 5 minutes, just walk slowly to cool down. Afterwards do the bicycle crunch exercise for 1 minute and repeat 3 times in total. Rest 10 to 30 seconds in between.

the bicycle crunch exercise


Tip of the day: Drink 1,5 L of pineapple juice with mint without sugar.

BreakfastLunchSnacks (Morning/Afternoon)Dinner
1 glass of passion fruit smoothie with 1 wholemeal toast and 1 slice of white cheese.Omelette with parsley, tomato and 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds.
Dessert: 1 cup of lychees or 1 apple with peel.

Mashed banana with light granola.Salad of eggplant, chickpeas, tomatoes, peppers and couscous.

Exercise of the day: Run for 30 minutes and after do 5 sets of sit-ups. Each set 1 minute.

sits ups

Extra tips on how to lose belly fat

During this week if you will get hungry, try eating 1 pear or 1 apple with peal 15 minutes before lunch and dinner. These fruits help to control appetite and has few calories, which should not interfere with the final results.

Controlling anxiety is also a good strategy to accomplish your goal  and it may be helpful to drink chamomile tea or passion fruit juice. To check the results, you must weigh yourself on the first day, before starting the program and the next day in the morning, once you finish this training of 1 week.

This program can be performed at any time. No extra snacking between the meals is allowed. The best time to do the exercises is in the morning after breakfast, but you can also do them at the end of the day, before dinner.

For the best possible results, you might consider taking diet pills that will suppress your appetite and will boost your metabolism to burn fat faster.