Where to buy Yacon Syrup in the UK


If you are living in the UK, you have probably seen Yacon Syrup showcased in several newspapers and magazines. Daily Mail was one of the latest newspapers mentioning this miracle syrup on its pages and website.

Where to buy Yacon Syrup in the UK

But what’s Yacon Syrup all about?

Yacon Syrup isn’t actually as new as Daily Mail and other newspapers want to make it.

Dr. Oz mentioned it on his US show almost a year ago and the product itself has been used for centuries by the Inca population of Peru. Its benefits are wide and it aids with conditions such as diabetes, digestive problems and kidney disorders.

However, it wasn’t used for weight loss purposes until recently, when several clinical studies were done to verify what the theory said – that it helps losing weight by accelerating your metabolism.

What is Yacon Syrup

Clinicial Studies on Yacon Syrup

All clinical studies carried on Yacon Syrup to verify if it does actually work for weight loss led to an average of 70% participants losing weight and 30% maintaining their weight during the duration of the test.

In fact, the study carried out by the Dr. Oz show led to the exact same results. With 40 women taking one teaspoon of Yacon Syrup every meal for 4 months:

  • 73% of them lost on average 2.9 lbs
  • 27% of them maintained their weight

It’s worth pointing out that this test was done during their normal busy daily lives, without any extra work-out or casual sport.

Conclusion: Does Yacon Syrup Work?

The results obtained on the clinical studies are extremely interesting.

While not as amazing as the results claimed by other diet pills & slimming solutions out there, Yacon Syrup results are extremely credible, especially taking into account that the clinical studies were done with no extra calorie burning activity.

Taking it means that you will have 70% chances of losing weight and 30% chances of maintaining your weight (so you won’t really gain extra fat!).

If you then add some bit of exercise on top of it, the weight loss results should be even better.

And let’s not forget all the health benefits that come attached with its use.

So in conclusion it does work on what it claims to do and should be well worth the money you spend on it.

Where to buy yacon syrup in the UK

Yacon Syrup is already available to buy in two well-known online stores in the UK (Slimming.com & Evolution Slimming).

You can buy it either as a syrup (recommended) or concentrated in pills.

The syrup is the recommended version, since it’s natural and will help you replace sugar with this honey-like sweetener.

My favourite choice is The Yacon Diet available at Slimming.com:

The Yacon Diet

100% natural syrup that will get you all wanted results!
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Alternatively, you can go for pills. Those aren’t ideal but you might prefer them if you don’t go home for lunch, so you can easily take the supplement without any hassle at your work place.

If you go by this option, I would recommend you to get Yacon Root Pure available at Evolution-Slimming.com:

Yacon Root Pure

Almost as good as the syrup but not quite like it!
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