Casey Batchelor Weight Loss

The glamour model and Celebrity Big Brother star Casey Batchelor has lost a stone in just four weeks. Batchelor gained weight while she lived in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and found herself being criticized in magazines, and on Twitter, for being “chubby”.

With her 30th birthday coming up, Batchelor decided to get in shape and is now sporting a toned body and sculptured stomach. Her secret? Personal training sessions with Ian Guildford, and a helping hand from Forza Supplements Raspberry K2 diet capsules.

How Does Forza’s K2 Diet Capsule System Work

Batchelor took one capsule before exercising each day to get an energy boost, and she would take one whenever she had the urge to snack. She says that she is a big fan of Oreos, but that the capsules helped her to suppress those cravings.

The supplement is quite simple, containing just raspberry, caffeine, Vitamin K2 and Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that is found in red wine. It is thought to have anti-ageing properties and many health benefits. The raspberries also contain antioxidants, helping to boost the immune system and stave off the effects of Resveratrol.

Meanwhile, caffeine helps to improve your concentration and alertness, boost your memory, increase your physical performance and improve your endurance. Exercise is one of the most important aspects of weight loss, and supplementing caffeine makes it much easier to exercise. Caffeine also acts as an appetite suppressant.

The most important ingredient, however, is Vitamin K2. This vitamin is attracting the highest level of interest in the nutrition industry at present. It helps to improve the strength of your bones, something that all women over 30 should be concerned about, but this is particularly important for women who are on a diet.

How to Use Forza Supplement’s Raspberry K2

Forza recommends that dieters start by taking one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon, and that you can take more if necessary. Most people take two capsules in the morning, and one at 3PM. Because of the high level of caffeine content, the manufacturers recommend that dieters take no more than two capsules at a time, and no more than four in total during the day.

The supplement is intended to boost your metabolism, suppress cravings, and give you more energy to work out. This makes the physical aspects of following a diet and exercise regimen a breeze. However, there is still the mental challenge of sticking to a diet. If you find that you eat out of habit, rather than out of hunger, then you will need to address this.

Any diet will work, for a while, but the Raspberry K2 diet pill helps to keep you on track. If you are on a diet and your weight loss has slowed down, these pills could kick-start your metabolism once again. If you are struggling to drag yourself to the gym, then these pills may help you to find your old energy and make your workouts that much easier.

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