Can You Exercise at Home?

Okay, this may sound like a redundant question – of course you can exercise at home – but the thing is, we are not talking about the many exercise DVDs you can buy at your supermarket..

No. In this post we want to discuss the many fun ways you can exercise at home, using items from your house.


Chores may be the bane of your existence but you may feel very differently once you know how many calories they burn.

  • Painting: 288 calories in 1 hour
  • Gardening: 256 calories in 1 hour
  • Cleaning the gutters: 320 calories in 1 hour
  • Washing dishes: 75 calories in 30 minutes
  • Laundry: 210 calories in 30 minutes
  • Light house cleaning: 216 calories in 30 minutes

A simple combination of these chores everyday can help you to burn 100s of calories without you even realizing it.

Step exercises

You can use your stairs to do these exercise at home. Simply choose to either go repetitively up and down a whole flight of stairs or use the bottom two as a stepper.NOTE: whilst doing this one, use some weights (i.e. cans of peas) to tone your arms and put on some music to keep you entertained.Similarly, as you get more practiced with this routine, make it harder by adding some weight to your workout. For instance, fill a rucksack with some heavy items, increasing the weight slightly every time you exercise. Alternatively you can attach some weights to your ankles.

Light weight lifting

You don’t need weights to tone your arms. Simply get 2 cans of peas out of your cupboard and use them as weights. As you get more used to them, you can opt for heavier objects to lift.

Go for a walk

Whether you choose to play outside with your kids or take a walk around your house, you can create a circuit which will get your whole body working out.


You don’t need a workout video to get a sweat on, simply put on a CD or find a music channel on your TV and dance around your front room for 30 minutes.

Jogging on the spot

You’ll be surprised by how long you can jog for. To keep you entertained and motivated put on some music or watch TV. Just remember to stretch first before you start and cool down afterwards to avoid pulling any muscles. Also make sure you have got a drink to hand to keep you hydrated.


Crunches, jumping jacks and squats are all exercises you can easily do at home, so if you don’t fancy doing them in a class, why not do them in your front room?

  • Crunches: lie down on your back and breathing out pull yourself up using your stomach NOT your back. Repeat 30 times and aim to do 3 sets every day.
  • Squats: space your legs shoulder length apart and crouch down keeping your back straight. Lower yourself until your bum is level with your knees and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 30 times
  • Jumping Jacks: these are simple enough, simply jump spreading your arms and legs out and jump again returning to your original standing position. Keep doing this for 2 minutes

Exercising at home is incredibly easy once you know-how, so give the above exercises a try and help your body to naturally burn 100s of extra calories a day.

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