Lowerol Review (Discontinued)

Having a completely healthy diet is not an easy feat.

The convenience of fast food outlets make cheating on your diet incredibly easy, and incredibly cheap in relation to some health food. Keeping motivation to stay on the right path is sometimes the most difficult task.

To combat this, I find that the best method to take, is to think of all the health risks that are associated with bad dieting.

I know that I want to be in the best shape I can possibly be, and live a full life, and the best way to achieve that is by watching my diet.

Cholesterol – Friend and Foe

One of these health risks is raised cholesterol. I’m sure that no reader is a stranger to the word ‘cholesterol’ but just in case, here’s a quick video and explanation.

Cholesterol is found naturally in every single cell of the body, it has important natural functions and we cant live without it. However, you can have too much of a good thing.

Cholesterol is both friend and foe, as if you consume too much, it begins to accumulate in your arteries. Cholesterol is oil-based, and therefore it doesn’t mix with water-based blood, and therefore can begin to clog up blood transport pathways if consumed in excessive amounts.

Needless to say, clogging of blood transport pathways, namely your arteries, is never a good thing. The blockages lead to increased blood pressure, which can eventually culminate in heart attacks. Therefore, keeping your cholesterol low is key to living a healthy life. Enter Lowerol, a simple method to lower your cholesterol levels.

Lower Cholesterol in 30 Days

To understand exactly how Lowerol works, you need to be aware that there are two types of cholesterol, defined by their lipid (fats) transport methods. As already mentioned, cholesterol is both friend and foe.

The friendly type is carried by HDLs or High Density Lipoproteins, which carries excess cholesterol back to the liver where it was produced for breakdown. Bad cholesterol is carried by LDLs or Low Density Lipoproteins, which carries cholesterol to your cells but can build up on artery walls causing blockages.


Lowerol combats your cholesterol levels by harnessing the natural power of plant extracts to inhibit the production of Low Density Lipoproteins.

The plant extracts in question – red yeast rice, grape seed extract, policosanol and coenzymeQ10 – contain compounds known as phytosterols. Phytosterols are clinically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol quickly and effectively. In fact LDL levels can be reduced down to safe levels in as little as 30 days.

This is achieved by the phytosterols blocking the absorption of cholesterol in your body. Therefore, only the cholesterol naturally produced from your body is present in higher levels, with the amount absorbed from your diet significantly reduced. Phytosterols have an almost identical chemical structure to cholesterol, therefore occupy the transport pathways that line your gut, preventing the absorption of cholesterol.

Why Choose Lowerol?

There are numerous reasons to start using Lowerol. The first, and arguably the most important, is that lowerol really works. The science behind the product is sound, and the natural ingredients mean that there are no anthropogenically induced side effects.

Lowerol uses a tried and tested formula that is proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels, thus improving your health and well being.

Furthermore, compared to competitor drugs on the market. Lowerol is very reasonably priced. Priced at just £39.95 for one month supply, Lowerol is one of the cheapest drugs available over the counter. And if you think that it lowers cholesterol in just 30 days, within that first month you’ll be seeing the benefits. There are no extended delays waiting for effects to kick in.

In summary, I was really impressed with the power of Lowerol. I felt at ease taking it because of it’s all natural recipe, and was pleased with how quickly I saw results.

There are many gimmick drugs on the market today, who consistently fail to deliver on false promises. This is most certainly not the case with Lowerol. It works, it’s natural. If high cholesterol is on your mind, then Lowerol is the answer.

Note: Lowerol has been discontinued. Click the link below to explore an alternative called Simvastatin.

Visit Simvastatin (Lowerol Alternative) Official Site

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