5 habits that prevent you from losing weight

Are you not able to lose weight even when following a diet?

Then guilt can be from the little daily habits that are undermining your efforts and making it harder to lose weight. Here’s 5 habits that prevent you from losing weight:

Dieting without guidance from expert

By following a diet, especially in more specific or urgent cases, it is essential to consult a nutritionist.

Each body has unique nutritional needs – so diets that work for some people may have no effect in others. On top of that, an expert can analyse other factors – metabolic ones for example – that can hinder weight loss.

Exclude food groups

Although carbohydrates are seen as the villains of diets, cutting through this and other nutrients is dangerous to your health. On top of that, it will not only slow down your loss of weight, but it might also cause you long-term problems.

Staying too long without eating

When food takes too long to arrive, your body begins to reserve energy, slowing down your metabolism as a defensive mechanism.

Ideally you should have two main meals and healthy snacks intermediaries through-out the day.

Excess diet and light products

There are a number of foods that seem light, that are actually not. In fact, the absence of sugar in composition rarely means lower calorie value. So it is important not to abuse on this type of products which are often high in sodium, a substance that in large quantities will cause fluid retention and slow down weight loss.


Emotional factors are also reflected in the scales.

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol that in addition to hinder fat burning, increases your appetite. So, along with nutritional education, it is essential to adopt habits to combat stress and anxiety.

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