Benefits of Goji Berry: 4 reasons to include this fruit on your menu

Berries are known for the many benefits they provide to health. Goji berry is a small fruit full of interesting properties, which act on various parts of the body. Check out the main reasons for consuming goji berry.

Benefits of Goji Berry

Fighting Constipation

Goji berry is part of the group of essential high-fiber aliments for the proper functioning of the body. With more than 7mg of fiber per 100g of fruit, goji berry helps regulate intestinal transit and helps getting rid of problems caused by constipation like gas and abdominal discomfort.

Prevents cancer

Highly antioxidant, this fruit combats premature aging and helps with cell renewal, an important factor to decrease the chances of cancer incidence. That’s because goji berry helps to stop the development of free radicals, substances that can cause cell mutations and trigger diseases.

Benefits of Goji Berries

Improving Vision

Fruit antioxidants, and  more in particular carotenoids also help prevent against serious vision problems, especially those that affect the central region of the retina – the area responsible for capturing the details.

Weight Loss

Those are dieting to lose weight can also include goji berry on their menu. This is mostly because this fruit is in the group of low glycemic index foods. This means that they do not significantly increase the level of glucose in the blood and thus do not stimulate overproduction of insulin – a factor that, in addition to fat, can cause diabetes.

Goji Berry Supplements

A great way to enjoy all the benefits of goji berry even when you don’t have access to the berries is by taking supplements.

Those can be found in a few stores out there but I personally recommend Pure Goji Berry which is sold by the well-known online store This supplement has 1500 mg of pure Goji Berry per capsule making it the very best alternative you can find to the actual fruit in order to enjoy all those great benefits.

Pure Goji Berry

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