Garden of Life Fucothin Review

Garden of Life Fucothin ReviewVarious fruits, teas, coffees and a non-ending list of other ingredients claim to be best solution for weight loss.

Have you ever thought that the best weight loss solutions can come from the nature of the sea instead?

It could well be the case after several studies proved that seaweed has properties that stop fat absorption in human’s body.

Take a look at my Garden of Life Fucothin Review below to know more.

What is Fucothin?

Fucothin is a thermo genicnatural formula blend which combines brown seaweed with pomegranate seed oil.

It’s unique formula benefits from 250-500 times higher fucoxanthin level than what you would normally find in the seaweed.

It mostly acts throught thermogenesis which simply means increased rate of metabolism, when unwanted fat is converted into energy.

Fucothin is the number 1 dual action diet supplement within natural production market.

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What are Fucothin Ingredients?

Fucothin formula is made using xanthigen(r) proprietary blend (brown seaweed and cold press pomegranate seed oil) and other ingredients like (Gelatin, glycerin, palm oil, and purified water).

Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin Concentrate:

Sea plant, which can be found in seashores and contains an of high amount of Fucoxanthin.

Fucoxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant helps to improve protein production and is responsible for the fat burning process.

Fucoxanthin also reduces bad cholesterol level.

Pomegranate seed oil:

Pomegranate is a fruit used in medicine for many years.

It’s seeds oil are rich in antioxidants, which helps to prevent fat gain, reduces calorie intake and have superb properties to improve skin cells.

How does Fucothin works?

Fucothin simply creates thermogenic effects without having any impact to your central nervous system.

This way it helps to boosts your metabolism rate, burns unwanted fat and allows you to sleep as its stimulate free formula.

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What are main features and benefits of using Fucothin?

  • 100% Natural without any stimulants included, so no jitters!
  • Superb metabolism booster
  • Effective fat burner
  • Clinically researched dual action formula
  • First results after 6 weeks

Does Fucothin have any side effects?

Fucothin is medically proven to be safe to use and no side effects cases have ever been reported.

It’s free artificial colours and preservatives.

Is there any studies done to prove Fucothin effectiveness?

Medical placebo type research was done with 160 overweighed female participants.

After 16 weeks, women’s who were taking Fucothin with a strict 1800kcal diet lost in average 6.5kg of body mass, while the ones that didn’t take Fucothin lost only 1kg in the same conditions.

Females using Fucothin burned fat and got rid of unwanted fat much faster than those in the placebo group.


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What does Dr. Oz say about Fucothin?

Garden of Life Fucothin appeared on Dr Oz Show fairly recently.

During the show, Dr. Oz described the medical study mentioned above and confessed that “Fucoxanthin is pretty cool”.

He also commented on the fact that brown seaweed contains powerful components, which improves weight loss rate.

How to use Fucothin?

You can either get a standard bottle containing 90 soft gel capsules for $29.23 or go for the special web only deal and get yourself 180 soft gel capsules for $39.09here.

For maximum results you should use 3 soft capsules three times a day combining with aglass of water each time.

It is advisable to combine Fucothin usage with healthy diet and exercise regime.

What Fucothin customers say about it?

There are plenty of successful stories using Fucothin, but take a look at Denise and Rhella testimonials:

Denise-Testimonial Rhela-Testimonial

Where I can buy Fucothin?

This weight loss supplement is available to purchase online.

The well-known and 100% safe online retailer Vitamin Shoppe is most likely the best place to buy.

Not only you will find Fucothin at the best price and with massive discount deals, you will also get the best support after buying the product.

As said above, for a limited time you can get yourself a 180 softgel capsules of Fucothin for just $60.53 (here) while the normal bottle with 90 softgel capsules of Fucothin will cost you $37.79 (here).

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  1. This product is quite awesome and you were right Emilia, Vitamin Shoppe does sell it a lot cheaper than in any other place. Thanks for the share! 🙂

  2. Just watched the episode about seaweed on Dr. Oz and looks very promising. Hopefully Garden of Life Fucothin will have all those nice effects. 🙂


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